Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Bargains Of All Bargains!

Okay so i know that this blog post will go up before my video, but i am going to be talking to you about a denim jacket that only cost £12! 

So there we were, me and my mum, just browsing through the sale rail in miss selfridges, nothing really catching our eyes and then in the middle of all the dull boring clothes BAM the nicest denim jacket ever! So i had been thinking about getting a denim jacket for a while now, just because i thought it would be great to chuck on and would go with most things. So there it was, the nicest denim jacket i had seen and it was just in the size i wanted, it was destiny! 

I new i would be particularly fussy with finding a nice denim jacket, because i didn't want it to be short/cropped and i wanted it to be a nice colour/shade, but as soon as i saw it, it was perfect! there wasn't anything wrong with it, it was just what i wanted!! 

Okay so there is a little story behind this as you may already know from my video if you have seen it but it was originally £40 but it was in the sale to SAVE £12 therefore it would be £28. But when we went to the checkout the lady put it in as £12 so i got a £40/£28 denim jacket, for £12!! Me and my mum only noticed as i was trying it on later that day! 

I will be sure to do an Outfit Of The Day with this don't worry! but it may feature in a few sorry! i just think that it is a timeless piece and i will be able to wear it all the time with whatever outfit! Plus i love the way it looks on, because i have got it in a larger size so it is more baggy and so i can layer with it. 

I hope you have liked this Blogpost and if you do like this jacket then i will leave a link for you! See you next weeeeeeek! 

- Laura. xxxxx

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  1. omg this is such a bargain, 12pound like reallly? its gorgeous, im looking for a denim jacket too, may have to look into this :D xo