Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Bargains Of All Bargains!

Okay so i know that this blog post will go up before my video, but i am going to be talking to you about a denim jacket that only cost £12! 

So there we were, me and my mum, just browsing through the sale rail in miss selfridges, nothing really catching our eyes and then in the middle of all the dull boring clothes BAM the nicest denim jacket ever! So i had been thinking about getting a denim jacket for a while now, just because i thought it would be great to chuck on and would go with most things. So there it was, the nicest denim jacket i had seen and it was just in the size i wanted, it was destiny! 

I new i would be particularly fussy with finding a nice denim jacket, because i didn't want it to be short/cropped and i wanted it to be a nice colour/shade, but as soon as i saw it, it was perfect! there wasn't anything wrong with it, it was just what i wanted!! 

Okay so there is a little story behind this as you may already know from my video if you have seen it but it was originally £40 but it was in the sale to SAVE £12 therefore it would be £28. But when we went to the checkout the lady put it in as £12 so i got a £40/£28 denim jacket, for £12!! Me and my mum only noticed as i was trying it on later that day! 

I will be sure to do an Outfit Of The Day with this don't worry! but it may feature in a few sorry! i just think that it is a timeless piece and i will be able to wear it all the time with whatever outfit! Plus i love the way it looks on, because i have got it in a larger size so it is more baggy and so i can layer with it. 

I hope you have liked this Blogpost and if you do like this jacket then i will leave a link for you! See you next weeeeeeek! 

- Laura. xxxxx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Every Girl Is Beautiful.

Recently I’ve been noticing how much girls think they’re not good, pretty, perfect enough. This really saddens me.

Tumblr really makes me realize this, I’m not going to lie I’m one of those girls who reblogs depressing things e.g. ‘Wish I looked like you’ or ‘I’m never good enough’ but now I think about it why do I do this? I think it’s because I’m not ‘society’s’ or ‘the boy I like’s’ ideal of good enough, pretty or perfect. I know millions of other girls feel like this at some point in their lives, but why should we!?

..Because what is BEAUTIFUL? What is the definition of beautiful? Who decides what beautiful is and isn’t? I think the quote, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ explains this well. You’re not going to be everyone’s ‘type’ but you will be someone’s, and you will be beautiful in their eyes, not necessarily everyone else’s, but why should this matter when you’re already perfect in someone else’s eyes.

Basically every girl is beautiful even if they don’t see it themselves; it just takes the right person to see it. So girls.. Stop calling yourself ugly, fat and not good enough! And start seeing the positives when you look in a mirror instead of the negatives and smile because you can! And if one boy/girl breaks up with you, calls you a name or doesn’t give you a second look, don’t cry about it because their obviously not worth it and defiantly doesn’t deserve you!

I hope this has given you all something to think about and possibly all given you a little bit of self-confidence! If you have anything you want to ask or need advice, don’t be scared to post a comment below, I’m happy to help.

If you go away remembering one thing from this blog post; please make it this.. ‘YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL!’

- Jenny xxxx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Outfit Of The Day!

Hey guys, I am going to apologise before hand for this ridiculously short and rubbish Blog post, but I have been so busy this week, I don't know what has happened really! but anyway you don't want to know my whole life story..

As a family we have started to just jump on trains and go well.. wherever we want, and on our latest venture, we ended up in Carlisle! which is a lovely place, and is very nice for shopping (all I seem to do is shop these days!) but it was actually a really nice day out, and does have a lot of history within the small town, perfect for mum&dad's like mine, that like to go round museum... but this is what I ended up wearing!

- Annalee xxx

p.s my next Blog post, will be a lot better.. promise 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Creepers, to be or not to be?

Okay, so i know that some people with either love or hate creepers, but i personally really like them!! And i know that some of you reading this will be asking yourself 'Well why are you writing this post?' Well, i have asked a lot of people on their opinions about them, and i have had a very split decision. My mum and Jenny and some other friends have said 'NO DON'T GET THEM' Whereas some other of my friends have said 'YES GET THEM' And i don't know what to do?! I think i am going to get them, but my mum always seems to be right about everything (which is really annoying sometimes -.- :L) and i just don't want her to be right about them :/ but she has a very different style to me so therefore i think i have come to the decision that i am going to buy some creepers! :D 

I personally think that they would go with sooooo many of my clothes. Because i have a very strange sense of style :L i like, some may call it, grunge style clothing, but also i love the whole vintage, preppy look :L and i know that they are two very different styles, but i love both of them! But as i have A LOT of pairs of shorts, i personally think that they would go with so many of my clothes! 

I wouldn't personally get the ones with the leopard print on, i would get the plain black ones because i think they would go with more, but i love these jeans and i think that they just go so well! 

I wouldn't get these thick of soles, i would get the thinner ones. But i absolutely love the colour of these! But i am not talking about the real creepers, i would get fake ones :L i am sorry if you don't believe in fakes or anything like that, but tbh i have been told by a friend that has creepers, that the fakes are fine and comfortable, so i'm not going to use my money on getting real ones, when some fakes are just as good :) 

I know that this blog post will have not been to some people's taste and they may have not enjoyed this post, i am sorry but i thought i would let you know and if you want to leave your opinions about creepers, then leave a comment bellow and i will listen to everyone's point of view :) But i do think that i will be getting someeee :D so watch out for a haul with them in ;) see you in my next post! 

- Laura xxxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Summer Outfit of the Day!

Hello! It's time for Jenny's Sunday Blog Post! Woo! So as you all should know by now (due to Laura's previous blog post) we now each have our day where we upload and post on the Blog, so Sunday happens to be my day! 

I have just uploaded my video today, 'Summer outfit of the Day..' and thought I would write a little post about it on here, so..

The outfit is very summery, girly and sweet. Its a lovely outfit if you're just going out for a walk, lunch or meeting up with friends! Obviously because we live in the UK, are Summer isn't exactly classed as 'Summer' due to the fact we hardly get any Sun! The top is cream, lace, sheer and from Topshop, it has an attached under vest top, it is very pretty and delicate. I then put a thin biscuity colored cardigan from Topshop again, over that just in case it got a little breezy! Then I paired the top and cardi with my Leigh Jeans from Topshop, I didn't want to be too brave and get my pale legs out! But seriously why is it when we have a little bit of Sun the whole of Britain seems to strip off nearly naked!? Puzzles me! Then I just put my Primark ballet shoes which are a light brown color, just to match the outfit. I didn't really add many accessorizes apart from a delicate, little, dolphin necklace turned bracelet. My Cath Kidson bird bag (to carry my mirror, camera and IPhone).

Hope you enjoyed this Blog Post and if you haven't already go and check out the video on our Channel! Speak next Saturday, as I go away to Lanzarote on Sunday 29th July till 9th August! So there will be lack of videos and blog post from me, but when I return I should have holiday video's and lots to talk about on here, I should also be a lot more tanned, hopefully! See you guys soon!

- Love, Jenny xxxx

Friday, 20 July 2012


long time, no Blog.. I don't really know what has happened to me this past couple of months, I've just not been in the mood to do well, anything thing really.. but as you have probably heard, we have a YouTube schedule, which has helped loads, as today is Friday.. its my turn to make a Blog post and a video! (that was a long introduction!) 

So as you might all ready know, I went away to Chester, with my mum.. a week or two ago.. we did a lot of shopping, and just generally had a girly overnight away! it really helped me 'bond' with my mum more, not that we needed any more 'bonding'.. here are a couple of picture from when we were there!

 This is in our hotel room, about to go out for some tea!

The weather was amazing, even though it was raining everywhere else!

Chester, is such a lovely place, it is so nice for shopping, as its 'old school' in looks, but still has all of the 'modern' shops, its only a 1 hour or so train journey for me, which is really good, I will be visiting there a lot more, when I have enough money that is..

if you want to see what I got when I was there, check out my latest video, and I will speak to you guys in my next Blog post! hope you all have a great summer holidays, if we get a summer in England! 

- Annalee xxx 

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Don't forget to check out our twitter, now we regularly use it! we tweet about our video's/posts and when they will be uploaded and info about them. We also use it to interact with you guys so if you have a video idea, why not tweet it to us? We read all your tweets and will tweet you back! https://twitter.com/VintageDolls_x

A Bit Of A Change

Okay so it's not a dramatic change really, but as you will probably know we have a youtube channel (if you don't then we are called DarlingIt'sVintage http://www.youtube.com/user/DarlingItsVintage?feature=mhee ) and if you are a fellow youtuber you will know that sometimes, your just really not in the mood to make a video? Well recently we have been feeling like that so we decided to put a stop to it! We thought that if we each had a specific day to upload on, then it would stop the lack of video's from time to time. We thought that if we had a specific day then it would motivate us to upload on that day therefore, move video's for you guys! i think there is a video being uploaded about it? if not then i hope this explains it good enough, although it is pretty easy to understand :L 

Also we will be updating our blog on the same days, so look out for more posts! Our days are..
Laura - Tuesday
Annalee - Friday
Jenny - Sunday
Also i gave the blog a new look, do you like? Remember to look out for more posts/video's from the 3 of us!
- Laura. xxxxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What's in my Bag?

I haven't written a Blog Post in forever, so I thought I would sit down and type one up today! I have recently just uploaded a new video 'What's in my Bag?' as it has been highly requested! Mostly it's just me showing you items in my bag, but I also have a little natter to you guys at the end! I really hope you go and check it out as I have put a lot of time and effort into making it! 

The Video.. 

 Have a great Summer!