Sunday, 8 April 2012

My First Ever Topshop Makeup :D

So by the title you obviously know what i am going to talk about :L but for many months now (from when topshop first launched their makeup range) i have been umming and arring about actually buying a product. i always used to swatch the lipsticks and look at all the nail colours. I always thought about buying something but i never did. So the other day when i was shopping, i thought to myself 'today is the day i buy some makeup' it sounds like the dolmio advert :L so i thought i would share with you what i got :) first i am going to start with the nail varnish i got..

i absolutly love the packaging, i think everyone does tbh! but i think that it is very relaxed and fun! the only thing is i think the white top won't be very white after a while!

I got my nail polish in the colour 'flamingo coral' i think that this name fits the nail polish very well because it is a nice light, girly coral pink and you can see the flamingo pink in it. i have not actually tried it yet so i cannot do an actual review but i may do a video/post about it :)

next i got a topshop lipstick. this is my favourite buy because i absolutely love the topshop lipsticks. ever since i saw them when topshop first launched their makeup range, they looked so good! Even the box looks nice!

the colour i got was 'Brighton Rock' because i thought that it looked (from the swatch) that it was a nice colour and it really drew me in. and it looked like it was one of the more wearable bold colours, if you get what i mean.

This is what the colour looks like, i tried to get it in some natural light so you could see it's true colour and i think it has done well! :L as you can see i have not wore it yet, but i will be sure to take a picture and show you guys what it looks like on :) i may even add it onto the end of this post so keep your eyes peeled!

i would like to say that i think topshop are doing amazingly well with their makeup range and i think they have done everything right! you can see how much effort they have put into these products, even to how they look! i think that they are already doing so well now, and i am looking forward to what else they have to offer.
Laura. xxxxx

Happy Easter!

This is my first blog post, in like forever! so, as laura said we are back from Paris, I will be doing a video on that later in the month, with pictures from the trip and stuff like that.... I am also going to film a video today, not sure what on yet but I am in the mooood to film as it is easter! wooo, but I feel like i'm the only person in the world that didnt get an easter egg today, :'( but thats only because i'm a fatty so i've already eaten them, but oh well. hope your all having a great easter holiday, see you in my next video! 

Annalee xxxxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back From Paris!

hello everyone!
so you might have known that me and annalee went to paris recently and i just wanted to let you know that we have come back! that is the reason for us not making as many video's lately. I am not sure about annalee, but i did not record any footage from when we were there..SORRY! i didn't take as many pictures as well :/ but i think there will be a video up soon talking about my experience in paris and showing some of the things that i bought! as always, if there is any video request leave them on our channel.. or comment on this post, see you soooooooon!
-Laura. xxxxx