Saturday, 12 May 2012

Prom Season!

If you are from the UK, you will all know that it has been or is coming up to Prom Season! I just thought I would do a little blog about my Prom and items I will be wearing etc.

The Dress:
I got my dress way back in the month of February from a small dress shop near me. I am in love with my dress, the color, the style and the detail. Although I am not going to say much more as I will be doing a video and blog post after the big event. So until then its a secret!

The mystery dress.

The Shoes: 
I did a video/haul on my shoes. I got them from a shop in the Trafford Centre called 'ALDO', cannot remember the price. But they match my dress perfectly and they are also just the right height, which is also a bonus! I love my shoes, they are just so sparkly and girly, which I love! 

And all that sparkle!

The Bag: 
My bag is from the same place as my shoes 'ALDO' and they are just perfect together. The bag is a clutch and it really compliments the detail on my dress, which I really like! The bag has a large amount of room inside and also come with a strap, although I will not be using the strap on the actual day. 

Glittery Clutch Bag.

This is my entire outfit for Prom, and I can't wait for the 4th July! I will also be having my hair done at my regular hairdressers, having my nails done, having a spray tan, waxing and I will be doing my own make-up etc. I will do a video and blog, about the experience of Prom and my outfit etc. 

Full View of the Outfit: 
So it's been Prom and I thought I would add some picture's of the whole outfit so you guys could see!

Top half of me in my dress.

My dress full lenght.