Saturday, 27 August 2011

Hair Product Of The Month!

So I just though I would do a quick blog telling you guys about my personal favourite hair product of the month, which is.. 'Bastiste Dry Shampoo In Diva'. I love it, its a great product for rushed mornings or nights. It smells really fresh, summery and strong, it also keeps your hair from looking greasy throughout the whole day, which is all I would ask from a dry shampoo!

I use mine generally on school days, when I'm rushed in the mornings seen as I have to catch a bus very early. I got mine from Superdrug for £3.99, I think? I know some people will be thinking if your hair is a little bit greasy why don't you just shower? Well I really don't like washing and using heat on my hair everyday as it is unhealthy, so that is why I use Batiste Dry Shampoo the day after I have washed my hair. Its a great product that should be more well known, I would defiantly recommend Batiste Dry Shampoo! Go and check it out!

- Jenny. xxxx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Party Frock Problem!


So today I sort of need your help and opinions on a clothing item. This dress isn't going to be worn as a causal item as I am ordering it especially for my 16th Birthday House Party that will be taking place soon. I'm in love with the dress, its exactly what I'm looking for, as its not to plain and its not to short etc.. Its just right for my little gathering! But here's the catch, it comes in so many colours! Here are the three colours I like the most, but I cannot decide which one to get..


This is also what all three of them look like from the back..

So shall I get A, B or C? (A being the first dress, B being the second dress and C being the third dress) Help me please!? I'm thinking more B because its such a unusual and unique colour, and its like WOW! Remember this dress is for a very important 16th Birthday House Party. All the dresses are all from Topshop and all cost £55.00 each. Lastly I will defiantly be styling it up with a pair of black heels or really nice heels and some gorgeous accessories! Thanks for reading this blog, and please remember to comment on either A, B or C.

- Jenny. xxxx

Our Secrets...

So this is going to be a quick post just because i realised that we don't have alot of posts at the moment. As i was saying this is going to be a quick post about mine and annalee's secrets video, i am not sure if jenny will be doing a secrets video though. But anyway this was just to say if you havn't already then check out our youtube channel and subcribe. Also we are getting up to the 50 subscriber mark and we were thinking of doing a competition. So if you want to get involved in that then go check out this video...
And thats really it to be honest just go visit our other pages like twitter -!/VintageTeaPotss and our Tumblr - enjooooy!
- Laura. xxx

Monday, 15 August 2011

Car boot sales!

So this is kinda a random blog post... but anyway so it's that time of year were there are a lot of car boot sales/boot fairs on so GET DOWN TO ONE! well if you wanna but you can find some really vintage pieces! i know alot of you will be like "eww, why would you buy from a car boot sale" well you can find so really good bargains but you have to look. Don't be afraid to have a look in boxes full of bags or on the clothes rails. so this is kinda a little car boot sale haul at the end of this blog but i bought too vintage bags from car boots recently, the first one is a white over the body bag with a gold square thingy and it cost me £1! The second bag is just a black bag with loads of different compartments again this was only £1! so get down to a local car boot sale and see what you can find! 
- Annalee

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Can You Help Me?

Ok so again if you havn't seen this on youtube then here is my question to you. Do any of you have dry lips? Well i do, but when i put lip balm on there is like white stuff around the inner corners of my lips, i don't know if this happens to anyone else, but it gets really annoying because you can either have dry ugly lips, or white weird lips :S So i thought i would bring this to youtube because i thought, this can't just happen to me right? So if this does happen to you and you have a solution to this problem then inbox me on youtube and i will see if it works for me! :)
- Laura. xxxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

Our Big News!

Ok so if you have not seen DarlingItsVintage's channel then you probably wont know about this decision that we have made. So basically do any of you that are reading this know who ItsssJennny is? If not she is our best friend and she was on youtube but on a different channel..

Well one day as she was making youtube video's and she got a hater comment and in the end she deleted her youtube channel. Through much thought (of course im joking) me and annalee gladly invited her to join our channel! We have done a video that briefly describes this story. If anyone has anything to say about this inbox us on our youtube channel- and if you havn't seen the video that we have done about it, the name of the video is 'Important News Update' I just thought that i would inform you about this decision that me and ann have made.
- Laura. xxxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

First Post! ..and New Bedroom!

Ok so this is the first post that DarlingItsVintage has done! It's really exiting... (sarcasm used) well all i wanted to say/do was really just put a post up on our blog because 1. We have had this blog for like a couple of days now and if we advertised it on our youtube channel - and there was nothing there, then it would be abit of a waste of time! and 2. I just felt like doing one plus i have just had my room decorated so i thought i would share that with you. So if you didn't know what my bedroom looked like before it was decorated then look at this video and it basically shows you the whole of my room... Ok so basically all i did was paint the red walls (that are at the top and bottom of my room) a very pale pink colour, Sorbet Pink to be precise, ooo look at me being all organized! And then got a duvet and matching curtains, which are a Vintage Floral print, but they cost alot! :/ But yeah, after that all i got were some cheapo cream lamp shades and i also got one of those 'Love' things that are made out of wood and painted white and basically spell out the word love! There will be a room tour explaining everything and where i got most things, because some things i already had. So thats all i wanted to say really, there will be more posts being put up soon! Hope you liked this little snippit of info about my room don't worry if you are confused there will be a video to explain everything! luvs yah!
- Laura. xxxx