Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Shopping Season..

Today I have come home mega early from school due to the fact I feel like rubbish.. I have nothing else to do but lay in bed all day and watch day time TV, so I thought I would do another blog. Geeeze, I am really getting into the whole blogging thing!

As you might have guessed from my last post, I went to The Trafford Centre to do Christmas shopping for clothes. I went with my Mum, I picked out the clothes and she bought them for my Christmas presents (in no way am I bragging here or acting like a spoilt brat, I am no where near one), so yeah they are all Christmas presents off my Mum and Dad which I am very grateful for, they have now been put away until Christmas day. I went to various shops such as Hollister, The Mac Counter, Jack Wills, BANK, River Island, Topshop, Lush, Next etc. I personally think the items I picked up are so nice, so I thought I would show you all. Ah here is the catch, my Mum has hid them from me! Sadly I can only show you the bags and images from the websites..

Topshop: I bought a lovely cream cardigan from the sale, originally £45 and I got it for £20. I don't have an image for this product though.

BANK: I bought two items from BANK which I love. Firstly I bought a pair of brown chino's, which have braces at the back. They weren't to pricey compared to Topshop and River Island, I paid £35 for them. Next I bought a item I had my eyes on for a long time, it is a gorgeous brown/maroon coloured cardigan shrug. It is very unique and I haven't seen many like this, it cost £30 which I know is quite expensive but for an item you can wear all year round it is reasonable. This is what they look like.. 

River Island: I bought two items from River Island, one is an item of clothing the other is a scarf.  The top/jumper is a nice cream colour with lace leaves all over the front and back, this is why I bought it because I love the design. The scarf is a mixture of browns, yellows and greens etc, and has tassels on the bottom of it. I choose this because I thought it would look nice for school as well as going out. The top/jumper cost £20 and the scarf cost £13. Here are the images of the products.. 

 Jack Wills: I love all the Jack Wills items, I think they are such good quality and really nice designs. I picked up a pair of knickers from Jack Wills, which are the red and white ones. I have wanted these ones from quite awhile now and they cost £12.50. They look like this, sorry about the quality of the picture, I had to get it off Google due to the Jack Wills site being down.. 

Mac: As you all know from my last post I got a Mac Studio Fix Foundation in the shade NW20. If you want to read more about this product please read my other post about it. Basically I love this product, its amazing! It cost £19.50 but you have to pay £3 for a pump, ridiculous, so it came to a total of £20.25 as it was a 10% day. Here is a picture of the foundation if you have not already seen it.. 


Hollister: I didn't buy any clothes from Hollister just two bottles of spray. In Hollister it is £10 for one bottle or £14 for two bottles, I decided to get the £14 deal due to the fact it is more sensible and the better deal. I got the scents 'Solana Beach' and 'Crescent Beach' they smell amazing. I will use them everyday for school and going out, I think they are lovely affordable smells. Here is a picture of them.. 

I also bought a few things with my own money for my family and friends. I am no way bragging here or acting spoilt, I just though I would show you guys what I like at the moment etc, incase you see these clothes in any of my videos and wonder where they are from. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Love From, Jenny  xxx

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mac Virgin No Longer!

Yesterday I took a trip to The Trafford Centre with my Mum, to buy my clothes for Christmas! I also picked up some other items from Mac and Hollister for Christmas as well, and well I thought I would do a cheeky Blog about my Mac Foundation, even though I'm not ment to have taken pictures. Ah well what my Mum doesn't know won't hurt her, I've put it back in place. Less of me blabbing so here goes:

I have never had anything from Mac before, yes I know your probably thinking am I crazy! But finally, I bought a new foundation 'Mac's Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 in NW20' it cost £21.50 with the pump as it was 10% off! I went to the stall and was stood there for about 10 minutes just looking at all the foundations, I was clueless. Luckily a nice woman came over, I described what I would like from a foundation, she then said Mac's Studio Fix Fluid would be best for me. She then tested 1 colour on me and got it right straight away, Genius!

Me and my Mum were so impressed with the foundation, as I suffer from spot scaring and spots. It covered them up so well, you couldn't even tell I have them! If you suffer from the same thing as me, I would defiantly recommend this foundation, it is literally amazing! It feels so light on your face, you can't even tell your wearing foundation and it matched my skin colour so well! It also is a Matte finish, so there is no oily skin, although I would recommend setting it with a Bronzer.

Basically this is just a Blog about how much I recommend the Mac Studio Fix Fluid foundation. If you have anymore questions please leave a comment below. Sadly I can't post a before and after photo of me with the Mac Foundation, as I have to wait till Christmas Day!

Love From, Jenny xxx

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Nails Inc..

Hey guys, so yesterday 25.11.11 i finallllllly decided to get the GLAMOUR magazine with the free nails inc. nail polish in it. I had known about the offer type thing for a while, but i hadn't been down to my local sainsburys or like any shop to get it :/ but i finally got it and i have a few piccies to show you:D although i have to say that the flash on my camera makes the polish look like a hot pink/red colour, but it's not like that at all it is a deep red and it's gorgeous!

So as i have said before i got it in GLAMOUR magazine so therefore it was free (apart from paying for the magazine itself which was £2). I found that to buy this product it would be around £11, but i did not look at lots of websites for this price so sorry if this is not the cheapest offer. To be honest i didn't really like the brush, i much prefer the No7 nail polish brushes. But i absolutely love the colour that i picked out..well it was the only one left but i think it is one of the best! Another thing i would say is that if you want to get an opaque colour, then i would put on 2 coats because i only put one coat on and it's not one solid colour. I LOVE the packaging, i think that is it so sleek and it's simple but effective, i also like the fact that the lid type thing:L is circle becuase when there is a square lid, it never lines back up properly, if you get what i mean? :L Overall i think that this is a great product and in the future i am definatly going to buy some more of these nail polishes!
i hope you liked this little review, and we will definatly be doing some more!
Laura. xxxx

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


ok, so i realise that we haven't wrote alot on here in a while. But if you havn't noticed i have re-vamped the blog! this took me a while so i hope you like looking at our pictures and i duno, you get to know abit more about us?:L ok so the main point of this little post was to tell you that i am going to TRY and make more posts throughout the weeks, but yano we'll see :L oooooooh, also i would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Rachel for mentioning us in her video, you are a babe! if any of you do not know what i am talking about this video will have all the information below with Rachel's channel and don't forget to check it out! Here you go.....

i hope you enjoyed this little post and look forward to more to come! peace outttt..
Laura. xxxxx