Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Day..

So i was sat here thinking of things i could write about, but i didn't really like any of the idea's i was coming up with and i didn't really feel like writing about them things, so i thought as i have had sort of an interesting/exiting/i have actually done something with my day, i thought i would tell you about it! 
So first off, if you want to know about what i wore out, i have done an OOTD over on our channel, if you want to see it then click here
But today i also went to the cinema with some friends and we went to see the new Keith Lemon movie, and i thought i would share my opinion with you about the movie. In my personal opinion i didn't enjoy the movie as much as i thought i would, i didn't really get it but i did quite like the story line thinking back now. I think the only thing that made the movie good was the amount of celebrities that were in it. But i do have to say that i did think some bits were funny but i personally wouldn't go to see it again or buy it on dvd when it comes out. These are only my opinions and i know that there will be other people who have different views on the film, but these are just my own so please don't have a go at me for them. 
And that was pretty much it, i haven't really done much else with my day, but that for me is an 'exiting' day :L as i said in my video, my camera isn't letting me put my video's onto my laptop and i am so confused and i don't really know what is going on, but i am hoping that i will find out the problem and fix it so i have a decent video for you next week! 
Once again i am sorry for the video's not being as good this past two weeks so hopefully i will be back on track next week! 
See you in my next post, 

- Laura. xxx

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter!

Wow it seems like I haven't done a blog post in ages! But anyway if you haven't guessed by the title of this blog post, it is going to be Harry Potter related. 

So on Saturday 25th August 2012, I went to The Warner Bros. Studio Tour: The Making of Harry Potter! And it was literally the best day of my whole entire life seen as I have grown up with Harry Potter. If I had to  describe the day in one word it would be 'magical', it's just so amazing and eye opening! You learn so many new facts and appreciate all the hard work that went into the film making of the Harry Potter films!

This is a very quick blog post, simply because I'm tired as it took me 2/3 hours to get to London (there and back). But lastly I highly recommend going if you love Harry Potter, it's a great family day out and it's so fun! It so amazing I'm planning on going with my friend again next Year!

Anyway here are a few snaps, bye. 

- Jenny xxxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I'm Loving My Jewelry

So i was thinking about what blogpost to do today, and as i have been shopping recently and got some new jewelry and i'm just really loving all my jewelry old and new! 
So i thought i would just kinda show you what i'm loving really :L sounds silly, but i thought you might like it hahah :L 
So first i have a new purchase, which is in my new haul, if you want to watch it then click here. But this is from 'Diva' the range from Miss Selfridge and it is just a simple gold cross on long black material. I just think it is so nice, simple and effective and i love it! 

Next is some bracelets that i am really loving at the moment, they are like little stone/rocks all round the bracelet all kind of different shades of the same colour. I just think that they look really nice with a bunch of different bracelets as well, you can find them anywhere, i got one of them from a museum so i am sure if you want one you can find one! 

The next thing is a ring from topshop, it is another cross piece i am sorry i like crosses! :L but this is a two fingered ring, i'm not sure what you call them :L but it covers two fingers if you get what i mean? but i think it is personally so nice and i love it! 

The next piece is a recent purchase from my collective haul and it is a watch from Argos that i absolutely love! we went in, not thinking we would find much, but after actually looking in the catalogue i fell in love with this watch and it was only £9.99! 

Now the last piece is my evil eye ring that i absolutely love! i just think it's so quirky and different, even though i know that loads of people have it but i still think it's cool! 

So here is my blogpost, i hope you like it! let me know if you like things like this because tbh i loved doing it! See you in my next post! 

- Laura. xxxxx

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hair Situation!

Sunday the day of rest... Not for me I've been up since 9, oh the joys of early morning lawn mowers! Anyway as you might have guessed from the title of this blog post I need your help with a 'hair situation' of mine. 

Basically my hair is brown with bits of ginger (which I get from my Mum), its very very very straight naturally and it has no volume at all! At one point I used to love my hair for being like this, as it was so easy to style and never annoyed me, but seen as my hair has grown a considerable amount over the past year, the natural hair I have seems to make me look drained or just make me look like a chipmunk (not good!!)

Because of this dilemma I always seem to be waving my hair (not all the time, but every so often because split ends will be the death of me!). So I thought you know what Jenny, why don't you just get a wavy perm? So I've been looking into wavy perms/permanent waving for the past year or so now, I can't find a decent video on YouTube or even a Blog Post, which makes it difficult to research. Although I do have a image in my mind of what I would want my hair to look like. 

So anyway, why am I telling you this. Well I want to know what you think? I also wanted to write this to see if anyone has had it done and has any advice etc for me. I know this idea/style won't be to everyone's taste, but I just really want to know if you guys like the idea or think it is silly? I would really appreciate it if you left your comments down below telling me your opinions, it would be a huge help. Also don't just agree with me because you think you have too, please voice your opinions, if you don't like it then please say. 

The only reason I'm considering getting a wavy perm/permanent waving is because I want a change and I also just want to wake up in the morning and not have to do anything with my curlers etc. I also sway to getting it because it would be so easy for College seen as I will have to get up at 6 every morning, ah!

 Anyway here's a picture of my hair length at the moment and how I would want my hair to look like:

My hair length, it has been waved in
this picture.
How I would like my hair, this would
be the picture I took into the hair-
So as you can see this is the style I would like, I just think its so nice but so simple, but you will obviously all have your own opinions on it. The only thing that really scares me about having it done is I don't want to be curly and I don't want it to take that much length of my hair seen as it is a 'perm'. But I guess I will have to discuss all that with my hair dresser.

Also (God this is a long Blog Post) I was thinking about maybe getting my hair ombred, but this I'm on the fence about because I love the way it looks on Zoella (YouTuber and Blogger) but I just don't think it would suit me the same? I have loved the ombre look for quite a while now but on other people. The only reason I haven't opted to get it is because I have really straight hair but if I got it waved it might look nice and also because my Mum doesn't really like it, which is a sort of down side. But I don't know, this probably won't happen. Please leave your opinions on this below also. 

Here's a picture of how I would want my ombre hair to look like:

I know this is Zoella's picture and I probably shouldn't use it
but I just love her hair and if I got mine ombred I would like it
like this, because its not to blonde.

Thank you for reading this long Blog Post, hope you all leave a comment down below to help me with my hair situation! See you all next Sunday. 

- Jenny xxx

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Summer Dresses!

yes its Saturday today, not Friday.. but I completely forgot about the Blog! please don't hate me.. but I am here now! 

I am really into summer dresses right now, it been really hot and there the only thing that seems to be cool enough! so I this my favourite way to wear summer dresses..

The dress is from 'Topshop', but it is a little short for me.. I think I've grown!

I put my denim shirt from 'next' on with it, and tied it at the waist

 I just wore my black lace shoes, from H&M with it, as they are very simple!

As you can see, it is short, but the shirt draws your attention away from it!

if you would like to see the full outfit, then I filmed an OOTD!

This is just a quick Blog post, but hope you liked it!

- Annalee xxx 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Outfit Of The Day

Okay so i am sorry if this isn't one of my better blog posts, but i do rather like my outfit so i thought i would show it on our blog as well! 

So my top is from topshop and i love it! it is a sleeveless check shirt, with white poppers for buttons. In this outfit i have chosen to wear it buttoned to the top tucked into my jeans. I do like this look a lot as you already know. My jeans are from miss selfridges, they are Acid Wash Super Skinny jeans and they are so nice and comfortable! And i thought that the top personally looked better tucked in. I wore my white high top converse shoes with this outfit, but i would also wear creepers with it as well :) 

Here is my only photo of the outfit i am sorry

Again i am sorry that this isn't one of my better blog posts, and next week i will be on holiday so there will be no blog post or video from me! So i will see you in two weeks timeeee! 

- Laura. xxxxx

Friday, 3 August 2012

Dip Dye..

it's Friday, Fridaaay.. Hello once again, I'm going to get straight to the point of this Blog post, which is a first! so as the title rightly says, dip dye! before anyone starts to panic, I have NOT dip dyed my hair.. but I have tested it out a little..

My mum has red/purple hair so she bought her usually dye, and had some left over, so we thought we would test it out on me! so I have been wanting to do something like this for a while but I always back out! 

Basically I have dyed a small strand of hair to see what it would look like, and wanted to get your guys opinion on it!

 This is the hair that I dyed, it came out really bright.. even though I have dark hair! 

Again the hair, but with my face in it

The hair dyed that we used, in '35 real red'  

(Ignore my top, I had to wear an old one!)

But yeah tell me what you think of it, should I do it all? do you think its becoming to common? or do I dye it all a darker brown?

-Annalee xxx