Friday, 23 December 2011

Dirty Works Beauty Range..

Finally got round to doing another blog post, its been a while since my last one. Currently I am sat with a homemade face mask on to help get rid of my awful spot scarring, which I am trying to keep on for 1-2 hours, whilst listening to the beautiful Ed Sheeran. Anyway that is a bit of topic so I will start talking about a brand called 'Dirty Works', on a website this is what is said about it 'Dirty Works is exclusive to Sainsbury’s and incorporates a range of body scrubs, body butters and bath products to leave you feeling pampered but not penniless!' Basically it's a beauty range and I am seriously in love with the items they sell.

Although today I will only be reviewing the items I have bought. Firstly Dirty Works has sort of copied Soap and Glory, if you are familiar with this brand you will know it has very vintage, classy packaging. In similar ways this is the look Dirty Works has also gone for, vintage yet fun! If the packaging wasn't as eye catching I probably would have just walked past the Dirty Works section in Sainsbury's isle. The packaging is what made me look twice and pick up a product of there's. Though I must say Dirty Works smells nothing like Soap and Glory, it has a fresh different smell. It is hard to describe. 

Wake Up Call Face Wash - £3.99: 
I haven't had this item for very long. I cannot give it a proper review due to that, although I have used it twice and the results have not being amazing. This may just be my skin type but I feel yes it leaves my skin really soft but it has made me break out, which I really don't want. It smells very nice, and has a lovely constancy it is a cream that rubs into your skin, which I like. Although I think I will continue to use this when my face is cleared up, and I feel I can trust to use it again. My overall score out of 5 for this product would be 2, this is just my opinion though. It may work really well on your skin. 

All Of A Lather Body Wash - £2.99: 
This was my first buy from the Dirty Works range, and I must admit it is one of my all time favourite body washes. It has Lemongrass extract, which I love because it is different and most of all smells fresh! It lathers up really well when I put it on to my sponge, another thing I like. When you squeeze the Body Wash out of the lovely packaging it is a clear blue Body Wash, I personally like girly coloured body washes but this is ok because I do love the smell. Overall out of 5, I would give the Dirty Works Body Wash a 5 out of 5, simply because I love the packaging and I am obsessed with the smell!

Go Balmy Berry Lip Balm - £2.99: 
This product did come with cute pokadot packaging but I threw it away, sorry! Anyway, I love this product it tastes of Strawberries and is a little bit like Vaseline, although it doesn't feel greasy. It adds a shine to your lips and looks lovely over lipstick, as it give a glossy shine. I would recommend this product if you have dry, chapped lips but don't like the greasy feel of Vaseline. Overall I am going to give this product a 4 out of 5, simply because I am not keen on the plain packaging it doesn't look very girly and is just too plain for my liking. Although it works like it should and is an overall good lip balm.  

Dirty Works, Eye and Brow Brush - £1.99: 
This product also came with lovely pokadot packaging but I threw it away also, sorry again! I have been looking for a Eye and Brow Brush for quite sometime now, I have had my eye on the Elf one although it is hardly ever in stock and I have given up trying to purchase it. So I was going through the make-up isle of Sainsbury's and I notice Dirty Works also do make-up brushes, I was amazed! Brushes I can remember them selling are the Eye and Brow Brush, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush and they also do False Eyelashes. I though they would be quite pricey but they are the same as Elf to be honest, so I put the Eye and Brow Brush in my basket and paid. I am very happy with the brush it does everything I want, which isn't much as it is just sorting out my eyebrows! It is a very simply black brush which has Dirty Works written in white on the handle of the brush, very sleek! Overall I would give the Eye and Brow Brush a 5 out of 5, as it does everything I would expect from a Eye and Brow Brush, love it and it was cheap, bargain!

Concluding Paragraph About Dirty Works: 
I must say I am very impressed with Dirty Works, as I feel it is just as good as Soap and Glory. Soap and Glory finally have competition! Anyway in love with the products I have purchased from Dirty Work, I will defiantly be buying more! I think there products are to a high standard but at the same time they are affordable for everyone. So go down to your local Sainsbury's and try out Dirty Works! 

Lastly I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year! I will be doing blog posts after then, due to the fact I have a lot on on the upcoming weeks. There will be many product and clothing reviews etc, so remember to keep checking out our blog. See you all then.

How cute!? Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from all of us!

- Jenny xxx