Monday, 27 February 2012

Saturday Night Outfit..

I haven't done a blog post in ages, so seen as I have come home ill from school, I thought I would sit here with my brew and type one up. As you can tell from the title this blog is going to be an outfit of the night one, so basically on Saturday I went to my friend house party, it was really fun! I also really loved my outfit that night, as I thought it was very me and a kind of a girly/grungey look. So here is the outfit..

 Me being a poser! If you want a blog on the makeup I used that night or how I styled my hair, then comment below.

 Here is the full photo of the outfit I wore.

And here it is again, chopping my friend out of the photo uh oh.

So that is the outfit, I really like it! The outfit consisted of: Green Shorts - River Island £25 I think, Top - Topshop Sale £12, Black Bandeau - New Look £2.99 and White Converse - DB3 £20. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog, do you like the outfit? 

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Remember Us?

well hey derr :)
i know it's been absolutly agessssss since we last posted, i think it was before christmas! and we are all very sorry about this but tbh i (laura) don't really know what to post about :L but i look at other people's blogs and they seem to post about anything and everything, but when i think about posting i think that no-one will like it and that there is no point in posting about it :L so what to talk about ey? well i was thinking about talking about my week scene as i have been off school. Well most of this week has been laying around watching t.v, chatting to friends and all that but i have been out on different adventures with the famo (family) which actually hasn't been that bad because everytime we have been out, we have ended up going shopping so it wasn't all bad! if you wanna know more about what i got check out this viddd..

also in that video, i talk about the things i got i Blackpool. Well for Annalee's 16th birthday we all went to Blackpool shopping, which was pretty good tbh! there were loaaads of shops to choose from and they were all together so it wasn't hard to find, also it was good because because all the shops were close together so you could remember where all the shops were and you wern't searching for hours for one shop! And at the start of the week, me, jenny and annalee went to see 'Women in Black' and annalee vlog'ed so if you wanna see that then check this outt..

Well i hope you have enjoyed this totally pointless post and i might be doing a product review on here very soon, so look out for thaaaaaat!
- Laura. xxxx