Saturday, 1 September 2012

My experience with | Epilating!


So today's Blog Post is going to be about Epilating, if you haven't already guessed. Today I was epilating my underarms, and thought it could be a helpful Blog Post for our readers. This is going to be my honest opinion, so here goes.. 

Background information: 
I started shaving my armpits at a young age, the first time I shaved them was in Year 7 (Aged 11/12), and oh how I regret it. Because I am brunette my hair grows back very fast and it usually returns thicker and darker. So because of this I decided in Year 10 (Aged 15/16) I wanted to get my armpits waxed, because it stops the hair growing back so fast, as the hair is being pulled from the root as appose to shaving where the visible hair is being chopped off. I must admit the first time I got them waxed, it hurt! But after having them done 4/5 times, I no longer feel the pain. I love waxing because I find it doesn't hurt too much and lasts for a long time. Although in between waxing, I hated having to shave again. So one day my Mum bought an Epilator in the Debenhams sale.. 

The Epilator:
This is the Epilator my Mum bought, originally £110-£130, reduced to £70 in the Debenhams sale. 

Basically it comes with two Epilator's one for your legs etc and another for your armpits and the girly area. Although I only use them on my armpits, as my leg hair doesn't grow back very quickly! For more information on this Epilator click here.

My Opinion: 
Personally I don't really mind epilating in between waxing, because the hair hasn't really grown back too quickly, therefore there isn't as much hair for the Epilator to pick up. Although when you haven't waxed, and have let your under hair grow, so the epilating works best, its another story.. IT HURTS LIKE CRAZY! I just epilated my armpits today, and I literally wanted to cry! I think you have to have a strong thresh hold to epilate under your armpits (I don't) ha. 

After Epilating: 
After epilating I usually just moisturize under my armpits just so they aren't as red. I must admit after epilating your armpits will be very red and will sometimes bleed, just warning you. But once you have slept they will look lovely and smooth in the morning, I would not recommend epilating before a night out as they tend to look very red and sore! I think epilating doesn't last as long as waxing, although they claim it lasts 4 weeks, but personally I feel it only lasts 2 weeks, but everyone is different. But I would highly recommend epilating as an alternative to shaving!

Anyway this has been my review on epilating, if you have any other questions then please ask! Hope this has given you a good review on epilating etc. 

Also my video this week..

- Jenny xxxxx

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