Friday, 28 December 2012

An Explanation..

Hey guys, 
So if any of you do actually follow our youtube channel, and have noticed that we haven't done a video in like yeaaaars, well i am hear to give you my explanation as to why i'm not uploading anymore, although i think mine, Jenny's and Annalee's reasons are the same to be honest. 
In our last few video's you will have heard us talking about going to college, and sorting things out for college, and i know that some of you will be thinking that it's 'not a good enough excuse' of whatever, but everybody is different. So because of college it has obviously reduced the amount of free time that we actually have, and in that free time i have to use it to keep up with college work, and to chill out! 
I didn't actually think that getting up at 6:30am would affect me as much as it has done to be honest because i thought that i would just be able to use all my free time to make video's and blog. But as the days went on, it got harder and harder to keep up with deadlines with college and youtube. 
If you do make video's and go to school/college or whatever then you will know how hard it actually is to first of all film the video where you look half decent, to then edit it and put it up on youtube can take such a long time, so i do hope that you understand where we are coming from. 
I personally don't think that i will be making youtube video's anymore, just because of all the pressure it puts me under, especially with the fact that i have to upload on a Tuesday because it means that i have to film it at the weekend, and if i have a busy weekend then i'm screwed basically, also I don't know what Jenny and Annalee are going to do, if they are going to carry on or stop completely or whatever.
It doesn't mean that i don't ever want to make a youtube video ever again, but just at the moment i want to focus more on college. I think that i am going to try and carry on blogging as much as i can because it is quicker and isn't as time costly as making a video, so i hope that is okay with everyone. But this doesn't mean that i am going to be blogging every day or every Tuesday, it's just something i'm going to do in my free time (if i have any!) 
I hope this is okay with everyone and i'm sorry if some people are upset about the change, and i'm sorry to all the new subscribers or old subscribers that want us to do more video's but just at the moment i think all three of us have so much college work to do that it's just not possible. I know that this explanation is well overdue as well so i'm sorry about that too. 
See you soooooon! 

- Laura. xxxx

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